Terry Dorge

As a carpenter with over 10 years experience in a wide array of services, I have always been a builder.  My buildings and projects are how I leave my mark on this world, and I plan to leave a legacy.  It could be either a large structure or a small renovation, in both cases this is how I change the world. 


My personal goal is to give people the type of service they would expect from a friend or a family member.  At the end of each job it is important knowing that the person I'm working for is happy.  Let’s work together and create something wonderful!


Marshall Cornelsen

My career in the building industry began over 15 years ago. The first few years were in the concrete business, forming and pouring foundation pads, piles, and grade beams. It wasn't long before I became a foreman on site. 

Later, I moved on to learn the carpentry trade. Including framing, window and door replacement, finish carpentry, interior and exterior applications, etc. Once again I quickly moved up to a management position.

I'm highly motivated, and there's not much I can't do if I put my mind to it. It is my promise that I will work with you until you have a product we can both be proud of.




News and Events

2015 House build complete

Check out the walk through video https://youtu.be/_3E11F8nngM